Admil Mastersil SMP 25 (SMP Polymer) Sealant Adhesive - White

Admil Mastersil SMP 25 (SMP Polymer) Sealant Adhesive - White

CODE: 1A103406

Mastersil SMP 25 is an elastomeric, one‐component, thixotropic paste based on silane‐modified polymer (SMP) technology with excellent UV resistance.

Mastersil SMP 25 is isocyanate & solvent free, medium curing, highly flexible and specifically designed for sealing and bonding applications in the OEM transportation, automotive, vehicle assembly, marine, industrial and manufacturing industries.

Mastersil SMP 25 displays excellent adhesion to many substrates common to the automotive and manufacturing sectors, such as metals, composites, thermoplastics and fibreglass.

Typically, Mastersil SMP 25 can be used as a joint sealant for interior and exterior applications, however it can also be used in various applications where a semi‐structural, high strength and flexible bond is required due to dynamic movement. With advanced chemical composition, Mastersil SMP 25 has been manufactured to allow for “Primer‐less” bonding to difficult substrates while achieving a high level of chemical and salt water resistance.

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 Contents: 300ml


  • Perimeter sealing around windows and doors
  • Installation of mirrors and colour-coated glass (Splashbacks)
  • Marine applications - Boatbuilding
  • Bus, truck and caravan building


  • Not recommended for mirrors being installed to ceilings
  • vinyl-backed safety mirrors use BSM Primer with SMP25


  • Paintable with water based paints
  • Skin time of 10 - 20 minutes
  • Tack free time 80 minutes


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