Bassra Flexible Spacer Panel Press Line

Bassra Flexible Spacer Panel Press Line


Panel Press

  • Capable of manufacturing double and triple glazed units
  • Capable of manufacturing structural glazing/step glazed units (Optional)
  • Automatic alignment of the unit inside the press
  • Automatic pressing pressure adjustment according to the glass size
  • Homogenous pressing
  • Touch screen PLC control system

Tilting Table

  • Glass unit can be fitted to bring it to horizontal position to unload or transport to the sealing table for secondary final sealing

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Machine Features

  • Stainless steel washing section
  • Working direction: Left to right or right to left inlet unit
  • Inlet for washing and drying unit
  • Automatic drives which pushes the glass in the washer automatically

Washing and Drying Unit

  • Bush rollers move at high speed
  • Capable to wash Low E Glass, Hard Coat and clear glass
  • Inwards brush adjustments for maximum usage
  • Glass windows in front doors for better inspection
  • Adjustable glass transport speed
  • Hot air drying facility for better and fast drying Fan placed in a noise- isolated housing
  • Hot water facility for better cleaning
  • Stainless steel water tank fitted with water level float valve

Outlet Unit

  • Automatic drives, which pulls the glass out from the washer unit automatically

Flexible Spacer Tilting Table

  • A special table placed aftyer the washing machine that has tilting, floatation and suction facility
  • The second glass stops automatically on this part of the machine on a horizontal position. The operator uses the floatation and suction facility to apply the flexible spacer bar to the glass. Once the operator has done this, he then presses the foot paddle which brings the glass to a vertical position. Then the glass travels to the panel press, this automtatic press can be used for both flexible spacer or aluminium spacer bar.

Assembly Rack

  • This unit is there for the use of aluminium spacer bar, the second glass comes here and the spacer frame is applied here before it goes into the panel press unit.
  • Right angling unit enabling easy placement of the spacer profiles.

Technical Data

  • Maximum glass height can be chosen from: 1700/2000 to 2500mm
  • Brushes: 4-6
  • Processable glass size: Min. 360 x 170mm, Max. 1700 x 2700, 2000 x 2700, 2500 x 3000mm
  • Maximum speed of the washing machine: 6.5 m/min
  • Speed of panel press line: 45 sec/unit (with no tilting)
  • Maximum unit thickness: Up to 60mm
  • Glass thickness: 4-12mm
  • Voltage: 400V 3 NPE AC
  • Frequency: 50Hz
  • Total power: 30 kW
  • Air pressure: 6 bar
  • Air consumption: 50 l/min
  • Length: 20000 - 20500mm
  • Height: 2700 / 3000 / 3500mm
  • Width: 2500mm
  • Weight: 6000 - 7000kg
  • Noise emission level: 80dB (A)


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