IGU Thickness Caliper - Metric IGU Thickness Caliper - Metric

IGU Thickness Caliper - Metric

CODE: DG Calipers

  • Measures Insulated Glass Unit "Thicknesses" in glazed windows and doors

This Insulating Glass Thickness Caliper makes it easy-to-measure the overall thickness of insulated glass panels in sliding windows and doors even when they are glazed in a window or door frame

This useful tool will measure up to 102mm thick panels, the calibrated scale appears on both sides for quick and convenient measurements

Manufactured from high-impact resistant composite material for durability

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This measuring tool greatly reduces time involved in measuring insulated glass unit "Thicknesses"

To operate simply slide the caliper jaw open, place the tool around the sash frame and then slide the jaw close until hear the adjusting screw touch the glass

Simply read the exact thickness on the caliper scale

  • Sold Individually

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