Setting Blocks - Santoprene - (10mm x 9mm x 150mm)

Setting Blocks - Santoprene - (10mm x 9mm x 150mm)

CODE: 10582

Our santoprene setting blocks cushion and support glass and windscreens, and act as a centering device for glass installed in channels. The santoprene composition of the blocks makes them resilient, so that glass cushioned by them can withstand vibration, shock, and heavy wind loads. A variety of sizes are available from stock.

  • The preferred method for centering and cushioning glass and windscreens
  • 80 Durometer Hardness (Shore A)
  • Special sizes and hardness are available on request

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  • Santoprene Setting Blocks
  • 10mm Wide x 9mm Thickness x 150mm Long
  • Shore A Hardness = 80
  • Sold in bags of 100 units

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