Sika® Fast Gaps

Sika® Fast Gaps

CODE: NZ151310

Sika FastGaps 20 Minutes is a 1‐component, non‐sag, fast drying acrylic dispersion sealant for painters. The sealant is non‐staining and can be painted or papered over approximately 20 minutes after application.

Fast Gaps is suitable as an acoustic sealant for use in conjunction with other approved components in meeting a maximum STC (Sound Transmission Class) level of 60, as defined in the NZ Building Code Section G6 ‐ ‘Airborne and Impact Sound’.

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  • For gap filling in both exterior (painted) and interior situations
  • For use in gaps and cracks on plaster, timber, plaster boards, around window and door frames, between skirting and walls, and along stairways
  • Sealing of indoor connection joints with low movement in substrates such as concrete, aerated concrete, plaster, fibre cement, brick, plasterboards, aluminium, PVC and wood
  • Indoor connection joints around windows, window sills, doors, PVC pipes, dry participation walls and ceiling
  • Interior crack filling (for cracks not under permanent water immersion)


  • Good application properties
  • Solvent‐free
  • Over‐paintable
  • Good adhesion on various substrates  
  • Transportable at -10 °C (max. 24 hours)
  • For interior/exterior use
  • Fast drying
  • Very low emissions

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