Thermoseal Manuel Press & Sealing Table

Thermoseal Manuel Press & Sealing Table


Operated by means of a foot pedal, this table is recommended for sealed unit manufacture using a hotmelt sealant. Units require no primary fixing method when using a clamp table as the jaws hold the spacer bar and glass firmly in place during sealing.
Constructed in steel tubing and covered in multi-directional castors with a non stick coating, the clamp table holds the assembled unit solidly in place. This prevents the sealant oozing past the spacer bar.Units in excess of the table size can be easily sealed due to the open ended design of the clamp rig.

Once sealed the units can be easily taped on the castor bed.

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  • Sold Individually
  • Manufactured in UK by Thermoseal Group

Standard Table Sizes

  • 2.000mm x 1.500mm
  • 3.000mm x 1.500mm

Any non-standard table sizes can be manufactured to suit any requirements