Toptec Galvanised Sealant - Oversealing / Back-sealing Sealant

Toptec Galvanised Sealant - Oversealing / Back-sealing Sealant

CODE: GTA-19328

Toptec Galvanised Sealant is a gap filling adhesive and sealant designed for jointing in heating and ventilation ducting. Toptec Galvanised Sealant is also suitable for sealing spouting and similar lap joints in roofing and sheetmetal. Once cured Toptec Galvanised Sealant remains flexible, is 100% waterproof and is able to be painted.

Ideally suited for sealing of mitre joints in aluminium joinery where a tough, flexible sealant is required to guard against moisture penetration. It bonds to most common substrates and surfaces porous or non-porous, rough or smooth.

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A flexible galvanised back sealer that adheres to powder-coated aluminium, no preparation needed. It has a high solid content and is very cost effective.

  • Commonly used as an oversealing / back-sealing sealant on aluminium joinery - (mitre joints)
  • This product has been independantly labratory tested, approved and certified to meet the WANZ test methods for powdercoated aluminium joinery manufacture

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